Events and School Visits

I love visiting schools and libraries to meet readers, budding writers, anyone interested in the themes in my books, and in the route to becoming a published author. I am a natural performer and have been told I engage my audience and leave them feeling inspired.

I am happy to discuss your needs and plan a day consisting of a mixture of the workshops/talks below, or a repetition of workshops/talks for different classes/groups.

I also deliver talks via Skype/Zoom. Please contact me here to discuss your needs.



I deliver whole school assemblies and also 50-minute class workshops. I use a range of interactive activities and if requested, leave work for the class to finish after I have left.

Duration: 50 minutes
Suitable for years 4 – 8
Size: Classroom of up to 30

I grab the attention of my audience by going through a set of photographs that help them visualise the setting in my book and show how refugees are not as different as they’re depicted to be. The adults in the room are sometimes left more surprised than the children! After a reading from my book, children are asked to imagine having to leave home, make a list or write a letter to their best friend. In the past children have designed a chair to welcome refugee children to the UK for the #3000chairs project on Twitter.

Duration: 45-60 minutes with a Q&A
Suitable for years 5+
Size: Classroom to assembly

A look at what it takes to get published. From reading around your genre, to the importance of critique, editing, rewriting, submitting your work to agents and then waiting for publisher responses.  I also cover how I developed my manuscript, sharing some of the ‘zero’ draft opening chapters, which eventually became other chapters within the book. Then I look at working with an editor, choosing a cover and the marketing process.

Duration: 30-60 minutes
Suitable for library groups, years 5 to adult

I talk briefly about my books and how I got published, and then open the room up for questions.

Duration: 50 minutes
Suitable for years 4 – 9
Size: Up to 32

We’ll look at writing realistic and memorable characters. Students will visualise and plan their fictional character, then write a scene including them. The workshop will focus on describing characters, showing their personalities on the page and distinguishing their voice in narration and dialogue.

Duration: 45 minutes
Suitable for years 4 – 9
Size: Up to 32

We’ll look at how ‘writing is actually rewriting’. I’ll show them how certain chapters in my book were developed and improved with each stage of editing. We’ll look at adding description, distinctive details, showing and telling. Students will write a short scene and then edit it.

School Visits classrom set up




“Thank you so so much for your visit yesterday….I spoke to the other teachers and children and everyone thought you were amazing! I really hope we can keep in touch and work together again one day.”

“I am wondering how you would feel about visiting us at Glebelands again this year during Refugee Week?”

“Everyone was so engaged, even —– (a child with autistism). I was so impressed by how you managed the class, have you had experienced before?”

“You could’ve heard a pin drop. You had us mesmerised.”

“Eye opening. Really good.”





My fees are in line with what the Society of Authors recommends:

  • £150 for a single 50 minute talk.
  • £250 for a half day (2 workshops).
  • £350 for a whole day (4 workshops).
  • I will reduce the fee to £300 per day if additional days are booked.

These fees do not include travel expenses (I will not charge travel if the visit is within a 15 mile radius).
Food and accommodation will be added for events that require overnight stays.

Please read this excellent guide by the World Book Day team on how to organise an author visit and a guide to typical fees for workshops.

I am a member of the following writer’s organisations:

SoA – The Society of Authors 
CWIG – Children’s Writers and Illustrators Group
SCBWI – The Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators