19 Random Facts

  • When I was 7 years old, I wanted to be the Chief Executive of the County Council. My mum used to work at the County Hall offices and she used to take me with her during the holidays. We’d have lunch in the huge canteen, and I imagined that one day I’d manage the whole county from there. Thankfully by the time I hit 23, I realised that it wouldn’t be much fun being responsible for the whole city.
  • I also wanted to be a teacher, a singer, an actress, a receptionist, a librarian…. yeah you get the idea… I wanted to do EVERYTHING!
  • One of my tutors at school once said my mind is like Zebedee, from the Magic Roundabout, it just doesn’t STOP. He was right, it doesn’t.
  • My mum took me to the local library every Saturday. As a teenager, I spent every Saturday in the City Library. During the week, you’d find me in the school library. YES TO LIBRARIES!
  • I bought only 4 books throughout my whole university degree course – I was always the first to borrow the course list from the library. I spent the money I saved on burger meals and extortionate London apartment rent.
  • I have had my name in the acknowledgements of 10 books to date. I love supporting writers and books.
  • My favourite country in the whole world is Italy. I love Italian culture, fashion, food and architecture. SEND ME THERE NOW!
  • I am an only child, so I thought it’d be a good idea to have three children in the space of 4 years – it was a crazy idea, let me tell you that!
  • I got my first born his library card when he was just a few weeks old.
  • I didn’t ever imagine I could sit and write over 73,000 words about any subject. I didn’t think I’d ever be that disciplined. Ever. So if I can do it, you can too!
  • I was sworn in as a Magistrate aged 26, and was one of the youngest Magistrates in the country at the time (and I still am usually the youngest sitting Magistrate on the days I sit in court).
  • To date, I have raised over £46,000 to help refugees and orphans. I have really generous family and friends and I love nothing more than helping people in whatever way I can.
  • I have been fortunate enough to be commissioned to write for both the UK and US editors of the Harry Potter series. Both separately, and one editor I’d never met before.
  • I loved watching The Fresh Prince of Bel Air as a teen and wrote the lyrics of the opening song on the inside of my pencil case (and then refused to change it for a few years).
  • My mum bought me my first fish tank for my 10th birthday – she also shrunk my Share Bear (Care Bear) on the same day. Guess what I focused on and cried about?
  • I used to collect the Timbertop Brown Bears from the Sylvanian Families. I LOVED their teeny tiny furniture and that lickle ickle baby bear.
Sylvanian families
Image courtesy of Amazon.co.uk
  • My favourite colours are white and navy blue. My house is painted white inside and out.
  • I love hats, architecture, DOORS, laughter, beaches, fountain pens, calligraphy, pineapples, dried mango, sugary fizzy sweets, CHOCOLATE, quiet reading time and HAPPINESS.
  • My favourite word growing up was serenity. I am far from serene, most people will agree with that. I now love the word serendipity. Hmmm, seren….
  • I am a COOKIE MONSTER. I often start my day with a cookie. Seriously, I do. Shhh don’t tell my kids that!
  • cookie monster
    Cookie Monster. Image Credit: Sesame Street