In 2018, THE Cheryl Klein (editor of the Harry Potter series in the US) asked if I’d be interested in writing the additional material for a chapter book biography. I’d just moved house and had no internet, but I said yes. It turned out to be the most perfectly chosen project for me – not just because I read economics at university.
I really enjoyed researching all of the topics and working around @PaulaYoo’s enlightening work. I thought my sidebars would’ve been boxed around Paula’s chapters, but I was delighted to see they are chapters of their own.
Muhammad Yunus is an exceptional person and I hope his story inspires readers as much as it inspired me. “The Story of Banker of the People, Muhammad Yunus is an inspiring account of economic innovation and a celebration of how one person—like one small loan—can make a positive difference in the lives of many.” It includes black-and-white illustrations as well as the sidebars I worked on (listed in grey in the table of contents), a timeline, a glossary, and recommended reading.

Published in August 2019

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