Timelines of Everyone – Non Fiction


I am one of the contributing writers to this amazingly, inspiring book. It’s an illustrated non-fiction history book filled with visual biographies of people from all over the world, both the well-known and the less-heralded but equally important.

“Timelines of Everyone breathes fresh life into the biographies of the people you thought you knew, yet also finds new stories from previously overlooked or ignored voices. Did you know US President Franklin D. Roosevelt was defeated only once in 300 wrestling matches? Or that more women passed NASA’s rigorous astronaut training tests for Project Mercury, but were forbidden to fly into space? Or how about the fact that Einstein’s last words were lost, because his nurse didn’t speak German? This fascinating title takes kids on a historical journey, revealing not just the incredible achievements, contributions, and adventures of historical luminaries, but the lesser-known events that shaped them too, from childhood into old age.”

Published in October 2020

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